Baseus T2 Ultra-thin Wireless Smart Tracker Key Finder GPS Locator Anti Lost Alarm - White

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  • Losing stuff is easy. Now finding it is as easy as 1 2,3. With the Baseus T1 Tracker just tag, ping and find. This cool, innovative way to keep track of your important things makes your busy life so much easier You can attach your Baseus T1 Tracker to so many of the things you need. Use it to find your keys, phone, purse or jacket. When that thing is lost, ping the Baseus T1 with your mobile phone to make it ring. You can find your phone with Baseus T1 Tracker too by pinging your mobile phone with the button on Baseus T1. Baseus T1 will make your phone ring even if your phone is on silent! The Baseus T1 Tracker shows the last known location on a map and uses Bluetooth to tell you if you are near or far.