ZIZO ELECTRO Series iPhone 11 (2019) Case - Built-In Magnet with Air Vent Magnetic Holder and Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Black)

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  • The ZIZO® ELECTRO Series brings style and function into a modern heavy duty design. Don't miss out on life's adventures with this feature packed case. The Electro is designed with an integrated card slot kickstand, anti-slip grip, and electroMAGNETISM feature built-in. The included electroMount paired with the Electro turns your phone into a safe hands-free display while driving. The electroMOUNT is designed to securely hold your phone through the rockiest adventures while preventing damage to your phone's Electric Compass. Keep your phone protected and looking new with the ELECTRO Series and the bundled ZIZO® SHIELD tempered glass screen protector. This case is compatible with the iPhone 11.