ZIZO PROTON Moto G7 Play Case - Military Grade Drop Tested and Dual Layered Protection (Pink/Clear)

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  • Adventure is out there - but so are the elements that can destroy your phone. Your phone is your perfect sidekick- don't you want a tough Moto G7 Play case for your ride-or-die while you chase all the thrills together? Introducing ZIZO PROTON; the answer to keeping your phone safe through all of life's experiences. From high falls to clumsy drops out of your pocket- ZIZO PROTON was fashioned to withstand all bumps drops and shocks. With a MILITARY GRADE Drop Test under its belt, ZIZO PROTON offers a protective Moto G7 Play case just for you! Designed with your phone's most delicate features are sheltered. Constructed to withstand extreme conditions, ZIZO PROTON can take your phone to all the wonders of the world. This heavy duty Moto G7 Play case also features precise openings to allow easy access to all controls and features on your phone. Thrill-seekers; keep your phone by your side worry-free with ZIZO's Proton Case. This case is compatible with Motorola Moto G7 Play.